The investigators at Delta Group Investigations and Security have extensive experience running comprehensive background investigations for corporate, legal and private clients.  Delta Group has the capability to develope a comprehensive portriat of the subject that encompasses their civil, criminal, professional, educational, financial and marital history.


Delta Group's investigative solutions provides the highest level of professionalism for surveillance investigations through our experienced team of field investigators.  We pride ourselves on providing world class service and up-to-the minute communication with our clients.  Many of our field investigators possess a prior law enforcement background, including specialized training in advanced surveillance techniques, to ensure even the most difficilut cases are completed successfully.


Delta Group Investigations and Security provides insurance fraud investigations for several major insurance and risk management companies throughout the US. All of our investigations include a complete pre-surveillance and social media package as well as local field investigators for interviews, wellness checks and surveillance.  Delta Group has the experience and resources neccessary to bring each investigation to a successful conclusion, including cases that result in criminal and civil prosecution.